My name is Errol Collen and I live in Kensington, Johannesburg with my wife Jean Collen and a terrier cross-breed called Chappie .  I was born on a farm in the Vryburg District, North Western Province, South Africa.

I have had 35+ years of experience translating, editing and proofreading in English and Afrikaans.

Errol Collen in his library at home

Qualifications: MA in Linguistics from Unisa (cum laude)

Work Experience:

Mining industry – I was a translator at the Chamber of Mines for 22 years. I joined the Chamber of Mines as a Translator in 1974 and left in 1996, having reached the position of Chief Translator. The translations (English & Afrikaans) covered the wide range of topics connected with the mining industry and its employees – mining operations, health & safety, legal matters, labour relations, trade unions, education, environment and many more.

Freelance Work  – From 1996 to the present, I have been working as a freelance translator – largely for Finweek /Finansies & Tegniek – translating articles on business, economics and general topics.


I have written two collections of short stories:

Fourteen Stories (unpublished, soon to be published by Lulu.com)


I created this cover for my book from a photograph I took  in Reykjavik, Iceland when I was working there in the 1960s. 

Fourteen More Stories  (published by Lulu.com)

The second volume of short stories, published at Lulu.com

This is the second collection of previously published and unpublished short stories by this South African writer. The stories, works of creative fiction, are wide ranging, extending from mystery to allegory. Most of the book is in English, but there is a small amount of Afrikaans in it. There are also a few photographs that are loosely associated with some of the stories. While none of the stories has what publishers like to call “mature content”, readers with a certain degree of maturity are assumed. In order to ensure that a few of the stories do not offend any sensitive souls, the book is marked as “Mature”. Toward the end of the book is a short section of miscellaneous oddities, the kind with large areas of white on the page and not much text.

Interests: writing, literature, linguistics, photography, cycling, tai chi.


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